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Heavenly Skyways Stage Play 

Heavenly Skyways, Stage Play by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence

Preparing for Take-off Down Runways Leading To The Way of Holiness

Available For Production at Christian Churches and Community Theaters


When world-renown, African American talk show host, Michelle Dupree hears about the U.S. Vice President’s scheme to re-enslave blacks, she gathers together the forces of the Underground Airline known as Heavenly Skyways, to thwart the enemy's evil plans.

Until such a time as this, eyes have not seen, nor have ears heard about this revolutionary, top secret movement that parallels the Underground Railroad and parabolically reveals a highway called The Way of Holiness for those who walk in that way.  Believers join forces against the enemy to set end times captives free.  However, their plans are redirected after the exposure of the U.S. Vice President’s evil schemes to have the President impeached and blacks, re-enslaved.


If abolitionists, with their limited resources, could gather together to set tens of thousands of captives free over a hundred years ago during the Underground Railroad, with today’s increase in knowledge, information and technology- telephones, televisions, radios, the internet, satellite, airplanes, vehicles and the like- if believers would come together as one, how many more of God’s sheep can we care for, feed and set free in this fourth and final generation?  This is the question the Heavenly Skyways organization, founded by Christian author, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence and birthed from her book, Top Secret, sets out to answer.


World syndicated talk show host, Michelle Dupree, the most powerful and charismatic woman on earth, has become more concerned with advancing the kingdom of God than about her show’s ratings.  Excited about making her statement of faith in Jesus on national television for the first time- as opposed to in her “higher power” during Dr. Lawrence’s upcoming guest appearance, she is remorseful for leading the nations to destruction with her former way of thinking.


While Christian author, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, is flying back to the U.S. from her missionary trip in Africa to open the way for the Holy Spirit to parabolically reveal the meaning of her book, Top Secret on The Michelle Dupree Show, the rest of the Heavenly Skyways management team of Christian dignitaries meet to prepare for its flight’s take off down runways leading to The Way of Holiness. 


Meanwhile, U.S. Vice President, Lance Howard, a man full of prejudice, hatred and revenge, secretly gathers evidence of treason against President Farrell so that he can carry out his plans to have Farrell impeached, and then position himself as President in order to re-enslave blacks.  This evil scheme does not set well with African Americans- especially world religious leader, Bishop Peters, Dupree, and Dr. Lawrence, who, along with Farrell, are Management Team Members of Heavenly Skyways- its mission, to care for and to feed God’s sheep during times of great tribulation to come. 


Michelle confers with Bishop Peters about the implementation of a divine plan to free blacks in the event that Howard’s devious plans succeed.    Peters discerns that the Lord has already revealed to them the plan of Heavenly Skyways; a strategy flexible enough to impede Howard’s conspiracy.  The Heavenly Skyways team members agree to issue airline tickets to blacks for their flight in the event that Howard becomes President.


Michelle requests that both Farrell and Howard make an emergency appearance on her show.  Both men, unaware of the reason they were frantically asked to appear on such short notice, were surprised when Michelle cunningly shocked the nation with the news of Howard’s intentions.

The parabolic message of Heavenly Skyways must now get out to all abolitionists, so they will know the course of action in the event that Howard's plans succeed.  Because people have turned a deaf ear to God, many do not have ears to hear the parabolism of His secret plan to lead His children to freedom as the Israelites were led from the Egyptians and the slaves during the Underground Railroad, were led up north.  The challenge now becomes to bring blacks and abolitionists together as one, with God as the center. 

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